Those who have made monetary pledges are listed below in alphabetical order.  Each individual listed has a vote in which organization receives our final donation.  I’d like to express my gratitude to these sponsors — and to all of those not listed who have pledged emotional and moral support!

Current pledge total:  $41 per pound lost

  • Molly Altorfer
  • Colette Atkins
  • Greg Blythe
  • Tricia Borelli
  • Sarah Botkin
  • Gwen Brown
  • Wendy and Dave Dennis
  • Stephanie Failmezger
  • Annette Friesen
  • Melody Graham
  • Ginger and Jim Halverson
  • Tammy Hansen
  • Jack and Shirley Hanson
  • Jeff and Marsha Hanson
  • Matt, Maria, and Zoe Hanson
  • Myka Hanson
  • Rachel Hanson
  • Matt Hilby
  • Loras P. Kilburg
  • Matt Manuel
  • Rhonda Martin
  • Craig Morgan
  • Bob Nicholson and Mary Tarbox
  • Sue Oatey
  • Jared Postel
  • Paula and Ron Postel
  • Sarah Postel
  • Jill and Ryan Scheckel
  • Tina and Travis Scheckel
  • Danielle and Kaylon Spengler
  • Sue Stork

4 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Jen,
    Very proud of you and what a great feeling to help someone in the mean time. I am not sure if this is where you pledge, but I don’t have your email…so email me and I will tell you what I pledge!

    Best Wishes!

  2. Well, it’s the first weigh in and collectively our group now owes $61.20 (if my calculations are correct). Keep up the good work, Jenifer!

  3. Jen…Congrats! Please tell me where you want me to send the check to…and how much! Great job…proud of you.

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