Hunger Challenge

I will be losing weight to raise money for hunger relief.  Anyone who would like to join this effort may pledge an amount, per pound, for any weight I lose between ‘Thanksgiving Day, 2009 and Easter Sunday, 2010.  Each week, for approximately 18 weeks, I will display my current weight, along with information on various hunger organizations.  All sponsors will vote in March for which organization receives the proceeds of our efforts together.

5 thoughts on “Hunger Challenge

  1. What an interesting concept! I am a licensed mental health counselor and have had the honor of walking with many people through their food/weight/body image issues. Research says that dieting is not a long-term solution because almost everyone who loses weight gains it all back – plus more! This is because food and weight issues are much more about our hearts and our stories than calories and fat grams. Until we address these issues of the heart, we cannot fight the body image bandit and win. I am writing a book and blog about the causes and how to address them instead of treating the symptoms only. If we don’t work on the causes of our weight/body issues, it is like cutting off a weed at the top. It looks good for a while, but it always comes back. My latest post is called, “Real Reasons for Food Addiction.” I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Cherrie
    Fannies: Reflections on Cookie Dough, Life, and Your Derriere

    1. I checked out your blog and have added it to my blogroll. I thought it was really interesting, lots of great insights offered. A few years ago I weighed in at 350 pounds, so this journey I am on is a long one! One of my concerns over time has been my use of weight to distance myself from others and isolate myself from the larger world around me. This hunger challenge is, for me, one attempt to break down some of those barriers — to see myself as an active part of the larger human community. I invited participation of friends and family whom I knew would be supportive and understand what I was was doing on a number of levels. However, that original circle of people has grown as this story has been shared. What has also broadened has been my understanding of the interconnectedness of the issues related to food: wealth, poverty, hunger, control, resources, the environment — in addition to all of the personal issues so rampant in our culture. I know I will continue to read your blog because it offers a great opportunity for thoughtful reflection. Thanks for contacting me!

  2. Just happened to stumble into this blog. Did you ever reach your goal? I’ve been trying to lose the LAST 5 POUNDS for the past year now. It’s really a never-ending struggle! Cheers!

    1. Monica: I have not reached my final goal – though that will take me to approximately -200 pounds. I’m hovering around -145 right now. I am taking it slow, though it is going slower than I’d like. Sometime before the holiday, I hope to finally be below 200 on the scale. I feel so great that the struggle right now is to remember that there are reasons to keep working 🙂 Best wishes on your efforts – being at the last five pounds is pretty great!

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