My name is Jenifer and I am attempting to peel away the layers that have grown, over the years, to obscure my best self.  This blog began with  the “Hunger Challenge” in November 2009, which was conceived of as a way for me to lose weight AND, concurrently, do something to make a difference in the lives of those suffering from hunger or food insecurity in my community.  Each week, I tracked my weight loss and posted at least one reflection piece about my life: what I was learning, how I was feeling, the changes that were taking place.

The Hunger Challenge was a long time ago. Many particulars about my self and my life have changed in the intervening years. I continued to post weekly through Thanksgiving of 2017, sharing whatever was uppermost in my mind at the time. However, I found it increasingly difficult to publish truthful, authentic posts about my life for two reasons: first, because I worried about reflecting well on those with whom I am connected both personally and professionally; second, because I was struggling internally with the demons of anxiety and depression. After years of writing about a life journey toward more positivity and happiness, it was hard to face the reality that I wasn’t feeling particularly positive OR happy – even harder to share that reality openly with others.

After the hiatus of the past year, I think I’m ready to pick up the threads of my story and move forward. I’ve updated the look of Jenion.com, but I’ve left the remnants of its inception – there are pages for the Hunger Challenge and recipes I liked. I may occasionally add a recipe – but because the challenge isn’t a major part of my life or this blog’s purpose anymore, don’t be surprised if those pages remain fairly static.

I welcome any comments and/or feedback.  I am also truly interested in offering support to others who are doing the difficult work of being themselves and living authentically into that – whatever that means for them!  If commenting on the blog feels too public, please feel free to contact me by email at  jhnsn728@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your writings through a customer of mine. We started talking exercise, diet, weight lose…she had to give me your web sight! I LOVE it. I am going to start back at your beginning. See, my sister is 5’8″ and always ALWAYS weighed 125-135 pounds. After twin stress and new Palmer College Director job – her stress (depression?) has gotten her to 250 pounds. It has come on over the past 10 years…I don’t know how to help her? She says’ Terri, I know I’m fat! Do you think I LIKE being this big?” I hate to see her limp, and have high blood pressure, an angry, worried spouse…

    1. Terri: Thanks for your comments! I can really understand your concerns about your sister, and her frustration (and symptoms) sound very familiar to me. I will keep you both in my thoughts – best wishes! If there is anything you read on my blog that you’d like to ask more questions about, or if you just want to share your thoughts, don’t hesitate to leave comments!

  2. Jen, I have bipolar disorder and started an organization based off of my experience with this disease. your polar bear pictures are beautiful, and I was wondering if we could talk about the possibility of me using one of them in exchange for me advertising your blog? Thank you so much, your blog is beautiful

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