Help and Sanctuary in These Times


“I’m inspired and troubled by the stories I have heard.

In the blue light of evening all boundaries get blurred.

And I believe in something better, and that love’s the final word,

And that there’s still something whole and sacred in this world.”

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States, mere hours before marchers enter the streets in protest and solidarity (and, yes, in celebration) throughout this country and around the world…

…here, on the cusp of whatever is about to emerge…

…I find myself seeking comfort, searching for courage, for wisdom to choose right action and to speak truthful words.

There are very few things I can claim to know with certainty. But I am certain that love is the answer to all questions of how and why and to what end. I believe that we can always change for the better – in our homes, our communities, our world.

And in our hearts.

I believe we are created with a desire for this implanted in us; that we are hardwired for compassion. My simple prayer is that we, the people, will wake from our collective nightmare into a new day, remembering that this is so.

“In a state of true believers,

On streets called us and them,

Its gonna take some time,

’Til the world feels safe again.”  ****

“I can’t tell you it will all turn out fine,

But I know is there’s help in hard times.

Sure it could, it could all be just fine

But I know there is help in hard times.”

**** (Most of the words in quotations, above, are from “Help in Hard Times” by Carrie Newcomer. This stanza is from her song “Sanctuary”. Both songs are from her album The Beautiful Not Yet.)



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