When I worked in Residence Life on a college campus, I learned never to say things like, “Wow, it’s been a quiet weekend so far…” because, inevitably, the very next thing that happened was all hell broke loose.

Earlier this week, I was chatting with my friend, Molly. Part of our conversation went something like this:

Molly:  You’ve been writing your blog a long time. You’ve never missed a Thursday, have you?

Me: Maybe once, but I don’t think so. For some reason, it is the one discipline I’ve really been able to stick with in my life.

Argh! Why did I say that? I should have known better!

So, of course, here’s what happend:

Last night, as I parked my car at home after work, I realized that I felt lousy. My body was full of aches and pains, my head hurt, and I just wanted to curl up in a fluffy blanket. Wednesday evenings, I usually get at least a solid start on my blog entry, but I decided to wait until morning.

This morning, I got up early to work on my blog post, even though I had planned to start the day later than usual (my colleagues and I spent the day doing post-flood service for a local nonprofit). I started three separate pieces: one on the difference between feelings and facts; one on the reason I’ve moved most of my political comments on social media to Twitter; and one comparing our current cultural milieu with The Hunger Games. None of them really gelled – for which we are all, probably, grateful.

Suddenly, it was time for me to leave home and I had no piece to post. I told myself I would be home early, and would just post in the late-afternoon.

Unfortunately, I was in pretty bad shape when I got home, after a day of hard physical labor (sandbags are heavy suckers). Even my fingernails hurt. I feel sheepish saying this, considering the heroic sandbagging efforts undertaken by so many of my fellow Cedar Rapidians in the past two weeks. But there you have it. I cashed out for a couple of hours with a heating pad tied across my shoulders.

When I was next capable of coherent thought, I sat again at my computer to write today’s blog post. The most coherent thought I had was, “I can’t think of anything to write.”

After two hours, I finally realized that I had jinxed myself when talking with Molly. Why oh why did I not at least knock on wood after I made such a fate-tempting comment?