Change the Glass…

I’m in New Mexico visiting my parents, and we’ve had a great week. I hadn’t planned to post today, thinking a vacation from my Thursday posts would be a good thing all around. But I decided I would take a moment to share this quote my mom has hanging on their refrigerator:

If you see your glass as half empty, pour it into a smaller glass and stop bitching.

Perspective. In the literal sense, it is something you gain a new appreciation for in the high desert of northern New Mexico, where you can travel toward a peak on the horizon for hours without seeming to grow any closer. Metaphorically speaking, perspective has everything to do with the measure against which you compare your experiences. Change the measure, and you may find that your attitude adjusts for the better.

Vacation has been a wonderful opportunity to work on my perspective. I hope you have time and opportunity for the same – soon!