Words from the Wise

"Dancing Francis", Viterbo University
“Dancing Francis”, Viterbo University

Friends, this week has been very full. As I sat to write this post, I was overwhelmed: by flashes of memory, random thoughts, a wide variety of emotions. I am so grateful for the love, support, help and kindness of others which allowed this week to progress smoothly and (almost) painlessly. And I am also, quite simply, tired!

I considered not posting. It wasn’t that I had nothing to say, rather, it was that there were too many possible paths to take. I couldn’t marshall my thoughts to write coherently, nor did I have the energy to write much!

In the end, I decided to share a few words from two men named Francis who are suddenly quite prominent in my life: St. Francis of Assisi and Pope Francis. Their words and examples speak very directly to the person and the life I hope to create, to the reasons for undertaking change both personally and in my work. Their wisdom, I believe, speaks eloquently to each of us, exhorting us to live our lives for something more than personal satisfaction. My days have been filled with activities and tasks that have exhausted me physically. But my heart and my mind have been engaged and inspired by so much more.

“In reality, those who enjoy more and live better each moment are those who have given up dipping here and there, always on the lookout for what they do not have. They experience what it means to appreciate each person and each thing, learning familiarity with the simplest things and how to enjoy them. So they are able to shed unsatisfied needs, reducing their obsessiveness and weariness.”

“Inner peace is closely related to care for ecology and for the common good, because lived out authentically, it is reflected in a balanced lifestyle together with a capacity for wonder which takes us to a deeper understanding of life.”

— Quotes from Pope Francis’ encyclical, “Laudato Si”



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