My own words come back to me…


 “…I suspect the truth is that gratitude should be the center from which I live into each moment of this precious life I’ve been given. Each moment experienced as gift – I wonder how that would change my perceptions? My interactions? My creativity and flexibility when faced with life’s challenging and emotionally depleting days? What if I could also add my own imperfections to the list of items I am grateful for? Wow, that would likely be a game-changer. Imagine saying, “Thank you for my fear.” “Thank you for my confusion.” “Thank you for my flawed nature.”

—“The Very Things”, Jenion, March 28, 2013

Sometimes the smallest things lead us to the very place we need to be. This week, an unexpected comment on the two-year-old post quoted above has reminded me of a simple but important truth: even at the times when life feels difficult and overwhelming, there is much to be grateful for.

This week I am grateful for:

  • the few but precious moments of soaking up sunshine;
  • for friends who bring me meals because I am too tired to eat;
  • for colleagues who share their emergency stores with me;
  • for an evening with my writing group and their positive encouragement and support;
  • for stolen moments on my bike;
  • for loved ones near and far who share their cares and who hear mine.

As I re-read that post from 2013, it occurred to me that being able to say “Thank you” for our own imperfections is synonymous with saying thank you for our humanity. Thank you for this chaotic, messy, sometimes scary, always edifying human experience called life. The times when our lives feel overwhelming or especially hard may be exactly the best times to allow gratitude into our crowded hearts.

…On that morning,
not much else
will have changed.
Whatever is blooming
will still be in bloom.
Whatever is wilting
will wilt. There will be fields
to plow and trains
to load and children
to feed and work to do.
And in every moment,
in every action, we will
feel the urge to say thank you,
we will follow the urge to bow.
~ Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer




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