Will There Be Starlight?


“Shake to hear hopes, dreams and wishes. Or just to remember close friends and family. Inside are the stars of your little angels.”
                                          Love, The Dennis Girls

When things go unexpectedly or spectacularly awry in life, people often say, “Be careful what you wish for…”, as if the wisher could possibly have foreseen what would come to pass. I find myself thinking the line as I sit in my living room on a camp chair, next to a camp cot, and surrounded by a bunch of stuff I will be packing in my car for the long road trip ahead.

The long road trip that begins today.

Be careful what you wish for…

… I wished to move, and here I am – Moving. If I didn’t know before, this round of farewell gatherings and coffee dates has taught me what I am leaving: a home and a life among incredibly loving friends. (Katie Dennis, one of my little angels, made the origami box and tiny stars, above, as a going away gift – making it oh so hard to actually go away.)

…I wished for change, and a powerful wind of change has blown through my life and swept everything into new configurations. My belongings are divided and being stored. My house is nearly empty. I don’t even recognize my own heart, as it appears to be responding to change in ways I never expected. For example, the going away party Sunday evening that I expected to be bittersweet felt only sweet. Walking away from my job was accomplished without a single faltering step. (Unless you count the fact I accidentally deleted my annual report and had to recreate it one hour before I left for good.)

…I wished for the courage to take a leap of faith. And here I am, finally in the air with no real certainty where my feet will land.

Be careful what you wish for, because wishful thinking is powerful stuff! I got these things I wished for, and now I’m wondering what comes next. Will the second half of my wishes also come true with such sweet ease? What will my life and livelihood look like a month or a year from now? Sunshine or storms or (most likely) a combination?

On my last day at work, I drew a final angel card and the word written bold across it read: Adventure! I don’t even have to wish for it, the adventure has already begun!

Will There Be Starlight by Michael Burch
Will there be starlight
while she gathers
and lilac
and sweet-scented heathers?
And will she find flowers,
or will she find thorns
guarding the petals
of roses unborn?Will there be starlight
while she gathers
and mussels
and albatross feathers?And will she find treasure
or will she find pain
at the end of this rainbow
of moonlight on rain?

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