Flashback Friday: Reflecting on empathy and yesterday’s post

To follow up on yesterday’s post, a beautiful video on empathy produced by Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit medical center. (I saw the video on NPRs “On Being” facebook page).

As I watched it, I was reminded just how little we know about what is going on for the people we  cross paths with on any given day. I have walked through hospitals, as in the video, wondering what was behind the mostly impassive faces I saw. The video asks, “If you knew…”, would you treat these people differently?

My hope, of course, is no. But many days the reality falls short. Luckily, its something I can be aware of and improve – even in the case of insensitive doctors whom I will stop calling names. So here’s to an empathetic Friday – and a daily infusion of compassion into our interactions with others!