Flashback Friday: Two Women You Should Meet

m and n

The photo above is from years ago – 1996 or 97. Naomi Corridon and Melissa McCrory, two students I worked with and grew to love dearly as friends. These days, Naomi lives and works as a massage therapist in her new studio in Wisconsin. Melissa (whom I have always affectionately referred to as Monkey) lives, works and works out in beautiful Hawaii.

Both Monkey and Naomi arrived at college as beautiful, gifted young women. They both had journeys of self-discovery ahead of them, and in the process each has truly become a woman I am proud to know.

Recently, they’ve each started their own blogs, so if you’re interested, check them out:

Monkey can be found at  http://hungrygirleats.com/2013/02/15/hubba-hubba-day/

Naomi can be found at http://somethingaboutnaomi.wordpress.com

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: Two Women You Should Meet

  1. Wow that picture is HUGE on my laptop!!! Fun times though. 🙂 Thank you for the role you’ve played in my life, witnessing my “self discovery”. It’s a special thing to be connected in this way, after so much time has gone by. Much love for you…

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