Yes, alright, here’s the video…

If I had thought it through more carefully, I would have posted the original video of me with yesterday’s post (please read it here if you haven’t already). However, I had never tried to link my own video to a blog post, and was unprepared to figure out the tech side of that in the time I had to work with. I did have a number of comments and helpful suggestions about how I could make the video available – some of which were focused on increasing my technical competence, others of which were simply from people who desperately wished to see video of me dancing and being silly.

When my friends (Wendy, Dani, and Katie Dennis) and I came up with the idea, it was at the tail end of a conversation about how inhibited we are in life, how difficult it is to set aside notions of how we are “supposed” to look or act – and yet, the moments when we set aside these inhibitions and just fully enter into the moment, swim in the “flow” (like Wendy’s Show Choir girl did), are the times when we are most truly aligned with who we are, and are meant to be.

That was the spirit in which I filmed the video, and I hated disappointing everyone by not sharing it. So I sent it to my brother, Matt, who offered to upload it to You Tube and send me a link so I could post it. However, if you knew Matt, you’d know he would be unable to resist putting some polish to it! So, what I am presenting today is the spruced-up version – thanks to Matt! It made me laugh out loud when I saw how he took my silly quiet little recording and turned it into a fan video! Please notice the genuine smile that takes over my face at about the 0:23 mark (and try to ignore the sassy face that takes over at the 0:44 mark). Letting go and enjoying the moment was definitely worth it – I only ask that you keep the spirit of the exercise in mind when viewing the result!

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