Stuffed Acorn Squash

Fall weather always reminds me that I want to find hearty, comforting fare that meets healthy and whole food guidelines. I collect recipes constantly, but I’ve not done a great job of trying them out. However, I am recommitting to better eating habits, and one of my first forays into trying a new recipe is this amazing and delicious squash recipe.

The original recipe was created by Guy Fieri and published in Clean Eating Magazine. I made lots of changes and took some shortcuts. However, the full original recipe is located here. The changes I made included:

1. I bought turkey Italian sausages at my local grocery store, squeezed the meat out of the casings and used that, rather than making the sausage from scratch. I will definitely try it with the homemade sausage another time, but didn’t have the ability to wait for flavors to marry in the sausage this time.

2. I don’t like the toasted squash seeds, so I didn’t use any. I don’t think the recipe suffered. To dress it up, I might use some shelled and roasted pepitas another time.

3. I used the ricotta, however, I might forego the cheese another time. I didn’t think it added substantially to what was already a very flavorful dish.

4. I did my best to adjust the recipe to make only 2 servings. I think it turned out well, though I’m not that great at reducing small amounts mathematically – I eyeballed a lot of it. When in doubt, I used somewhat less of each ingredient in order to stay close on the nutritional end of things. I also did not use any salt in the cooking of the dish – basically because I forgot to! As it turned out, I used a small amount on the plate, but felt the ingredients were satisfying without using the additional 1/2 tsp.

As I am typing this, the second serving is re-heating in my oven. A perfect lunch on a gray and raining Saturday in October. Yum!

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