Flashback Friday: RA Training


For me, two weeks of every August, since 1996, have been spent in Resident Assistant (RA) Training. The 2012-13 RA staff moves in and begins training on Sunday. As usual, I am not really ready for this marathon of teaching and togetherness. However, also as usual, I know that I will end the training period grateful for the opportunity to be part of the lives of such amazing young people. The photo above is of my very first RA staff in 1996, snapped just after their mandatory fire extinguisher training, with members of the CRFD. I remember each of these students – their trials and tribulations, the late night rounds we stumbled through, the laughter we shared. Just remembering humbles me with the awareness of how privileged I have been.

7 thoughts on “Flashback Friday: RA Training

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I have always said I truly feel I learned more in college about life as an RA than I did in the classroom. Those were amazing years and just a few days ago I was wondering how my life would have been different if I had journeyed further down that road. I am grateful for those years and those memories and for pizza hut pizza with pepperoni and black olives, late night laughter after 2am rounds and marvelous grape bubble gum. But most of all I am grateful for my first mentor Jen you made it all possible!

    1. Naomi: You arrived here with light shining out of you – I will never forget that impression. It wasn’t always easy, but you were easy to love and easy to laugh with (and sometimes cry with-usually over that pizza you mention above).

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