Flashback Friday – Dave: A Keeper

People often make fun of the 1970s: the clothes, the hair styles, the free love post-hippie generation immortalized in movies such as “Dazed and Confused”. I’m not saying they’re wrong. But, as with most things, the 70s were more nuanced than that. It was also the time of the Jesus Freaks and Jews for Jesus, for example.

In the midst of all this cultural soul-searching, I was lucky enough to meet someone whose steady, centered and faithful worldview offered a restful presence. As if that weren’t enough good fortune, this incredible guy married my sister – and stuck around for good! Today is my brother-in-law, Dave’s, birthday. At 56, he remains a runner, a scientist, and a man of faith and solid good sense.

Happy birthday to one relic of the 70s worth keeping!