Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday, Annie!

Me, in yet another awkward phase, and Annie, in her sweet peanut phase (basically, her entire early childhood).

One year, my family decided that each of the six of us was perfectly matched with another – personality, coloring, etc. Annie and I were matched, being the two middle kids: me of the “Big Kids” (aka “The Originals”) and Annie of the “Little Kids”. Truthfully, we shared some personality traits, most notably during our difficult teen years. Anyway, in our Easter finery, we took a family photo, then these pictures of each pair. Somewhere, my siblings have copies of their pair photos: Chris and Matt, Jeff and Gwen.

Today’s photo is in honor of my youngest sister and pair’s birthday! Anne’s frightening morning personality is legend, but otherwise, she is still the sweet peanut pictured above…if a sweet peanut grew up to become a world travelling, adventurous life living, smart, beautiful talented woman!

Happy Birthday, Annie!