Flashback Friday: A Couple of Mothers!

My niece, Hallie, St. Francis, my sisters Gwen and Chris pose prayerfully, and not very reverently, outside Rancho De Chimayo (at least, I think that’s where we were!).

I chose this photo because Sunday is Mother’s Day. Chris and Gwen are two wonderful mothers, and I wanted to celebrate them today. Their parenting styles couldn’t be more different. (Those of you who know them – am I wrong?!) But I have to say, they have each raised two children – all four of them intelligent, generous, funny, and loving human beings.

I am blessed to have, among my family and friends, some truly amazing women who are also incredible parents. To all of you, from my mom (Shirley), to my sisters and sisters-in-law (Marsha and Maria), and all my friends who are moms (I can’t list all of your names, but you know who you are!) I want to say thanks for blessing my life with your wonderful kids: babies, toddlers, children, and adults!

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