Silly Things

I routinely ask people, “What should I write about in my blog?” Usually, I ask people on Wednesday night (which should surprise no one who knows my strict Thursday morning posting schedule). Last week, I asked a friend on Wednesday – and she got back to me on Friday. “Have you ever written a ‘Things You Don’t Know About Me’ post? That could be fun.”

Strictly speaking, many of my posts have been just that. However, most haven’t been SPECIFICALLY that. When I first got the suggestion, I wondered if I had any tidbits left to share. Then, as sometimes happens, life intervened and I found myself occupied with deep, heavy thoughts for days on end. When I finally sat down to write this week’s post, I could only think of deep, heavy topics. It made my head hurt, and my fingers felt too weighty for the keyboard. That’s when I remembered the suggestion, and had the idea of bringing some levity to it. Voila: Silly Things You Don’t Know About Me!

  • Occasionally, I binge…on smutty romance novels. I have at least one complete plot in my head for when I finally get around to writing my own. In the meantime, about once a year, I pick up a few at the local drug store – because I wouldn’t be caught dead purchasing them in an actual bookstore! People in line to pay for anti-itch cream or their monthly supply of Lipitor don’t care what I read.
  • I am proud of my feet…after years of regularly working out, they are the only part of my body that actually LOOKS buff. You can see the muscles, tendons and veins on top and, if you were to look, the callouses on the bottom. Other of my parts are toned, you just can’t tell because there is still subcutaneous fat there. Not so on my feet!
  • When I am alone, I sometimes dance sexy…not stripper pole sexy, but definitely not allowed on a high school prom dance floor. I’m actually pretty good (according to what I see in my full-length mirror) but don’t bother asking because you will never see it. Never.
  • More often than I care to admit, I carry a watermelon…and secretly blush about it for days. Yes, this IS a Dirty Dancing reference. (Watch the scene here.) You probably know this, if you’ve ever interacted with me. However, you may not know how many times I replay the scene in my head and obsess over it.
  • I have a karaoke list…songs I think I would rock if I ever have the courage to solo. Twice, at campus programs, I sang Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” – but I was with a small group of people I knew well. I’ve gotten up and shouted lyrics to “Summer Lovin” or “Love Shack” with groups. This bears no resemblance to singing. Once a friend put my name in and the whole room insisted I take the microphone to sing Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”. And yes, celebrating my 50th birthday in a nearly empty bar I did belt out some Flo Rida. But for someone who regularly attends “Karaoke Night”, I’ve actually performed very infrequently. I just don’t have the chutzpah to make other people listen to my caterwauling. But I keep a list. Just in case.
  • I am fascinated by dolls…that would be art dolls, created for artistic purposes not for children. I own several art dolls, and I buy every issue of Art Doll Quarterly I see. Once, my aunt Paula and I challenged each other to an Art Doll Competition: thirty minutes to find objects and create an art doll. Two rocks, some copper wire, and a tube of superglue later and I was a winner. (If you are interested in my idea of amazing art dolls, check out the work of Kelly Buntin Johnson, here).
  • I once memorized 10 sonnets by Edna St. Vincent Millay…because they were so depressing and I was heartbroken. I mean, they have lines like, “…This beast that rends me in the sight of all, this love, this longing, this insidious thing…” or “I shall go back again to the bleak shore, and build a little shanty on the sand…” . In order to get the full silliness of this revelation, please picture me walking alone in the woods, then sitting on a rock or stump and reciting the sonnets aloud, tears streaming down my cheeks. I live in Iowa. It might have been less silly on a rocky promontory above the sea. Less silly, more melodramatic?
  • A lot of people like Monty Python for the attack rabbit…or Lumberjack song style of humor. Don’t get me wrong, I laugh. But my favorite sketch involves two middle-class housewives, Mrs. Premise and Mrs. Conclusion, who have an argument at the laundry about the work of Jean-Paul Sartre, and take off for Paris to have Sartre settle the dispute himself. They call ahead and ask his wife when he will be free, and her response is, “He’s been trying to work that one out for the past 60 years!” It is quite a long sketch, something like 8 or 9 minutes, but it cracks me up every time.  (If you have time, watch it here)

I’m not certain this list is quite what my friend had in mind. I’m not certain it’s what I had in mind when I sat down to write.  But I do know that in the process of writing this list, I’ve been able to relax and disengage from all the heavy thinking that’s been weighing me down this week. Sometimes that is just what we need, a break for silliness – here’s hoping we all remember to take such a break now and then!

3 thoughts on “Silly Things

    1. Kathe, so glad you found something to laugh at! I hope all is well and your week is ending on an up-note!

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