Flashback Friday: Bald Love

One year ago, on our spring break trip to Vegas, I snapped the first photo of my beloved baldies ( top photo left to right: Shane, Ryan, Dave). I then handed my camera to a friend, most likely Dave’s wife Wendy, to snap the second shot, with me in it (left to right: Dave, Me, Ryan, Shane).

These bald heads are precious to me.

I decided to repost these photos because today the brother-of-my-heart, Dave, is having major surgery on his noggin (that’s the official medical terminology). While I believe that all will be well, I can’t help but worry. So if you’re reading this, please say a quick prayer for Dave, Wendy and their three daughters (Abby, Katie, and Dani) – that the surgery and the recovery go well and as painlessly as possible. Thanks!

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