Spring Cleaning

I hate to begin with a complaint. But this winter was truly underwhelming, as winters go. Not much snow, hardly any truly cold temps, no frightening winter storms. While I never wish for weather that brings harm to people, I do kind of rely on winter’s weather-induced reminder of my own smallness within this large universe. It forces allows me to spend winter days reflectively, journaling and reading and planning. A mild winter creates too much opportunity for activity, thus, I haven’t had the fallow time I generally need in my calendar year. And now, it’s almost time to spring forward, as if I’m not too exhausted to embody such an active verb!

As you may recall from previous posts, I have been working with a life coach. Our past couple of sessions have focused on the ideas of less and more. Specifically, what do I want less of in my life, and what do I want more of. How do I create the right balance of less/more in order to live my best life?

Some of what I want is, more or less, straightforward – for example, less clutter. Turns out, the way to less clutter is paved with less stuff. Sounds simple enough, but the stuff I cleared out of my bedroom is still riding around in plastic bags in the trunk of my car, waiting for me to pull into the Goodwill dropoff lane. Moving the stuff isn’t enough, apparently. It needs to actually go bye-bye for me to feel the benefit of less. Right now, it is just another bunch of junk in my trunk.

As I think about this more/less idea, the metaphor of spring cleaning seems apt. The idea of a true spring cleaning is not simply the removal of dirt, dust, detritus collected over the winter months of being shut in. It is also about creating an inner space that is fresh and clean, reflecting the shining sun and moderate temperatures outdoors, opening up room for growth.

So, here’s my spring cleaning list for 2012:

  • Less from Von Maur. More from Target and Walmart.
  • More walking, less treadmill.
  • Less from Michael’s. More from my craft room stash.
  • More doing, less meaning-to-do.
  • Less falling asleep in my recliner, more established bedtime routine.
  • More miles on my bike, less wishing I was riding.
  • More creativity, more adventure, more community
  • Less debt, less restlessness, less internal pressure.

I’m planning on a great spring, leading into another wonderful summer. More AND less!


A couple of you have asked: Yes! I WAS and AM serious about my invitation for guest bloggers. If you have a personal story about your own growth journey (humorous, serious, strange or beautiful) and you’d like a place to share it, please contact me!