Flashback Friday – Party Time!

Today we have the much-criticized “hipster” culture. Back then, preceding the “hippie” culture, were the Beatniks. February 1961 my parents and their friends decided to mock Beatnik culture – a creative way to have fun in Iowa in the middle of the most depressing month! My dad is at the left, with the bongos. My mother is looking cool center stage in black beret with cigarette.

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – Party Time!

    1. I couldn’t tell, but is that Lem in plaid shirt with legs crossed at knee, back row? If so, you got a cool one too. But you’re, my parents have always been totally rad!

  1. Wow! “Flashback” is right! Boy, did we love those times! Thanks, Jen. (There’s only 4 people in the foto that we don’t remember!)

    Mom & Dad

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