Flashback Friday: Pixies

This week I uploaded a current photo of myself to Facebook. A lot of people have been commenting on my short hair – its been a long time, but I have periodically gone short, as can be seen in this photo! In the winter of 1968 my mother gave Chris and I (I am the shorter of the two, above) pixie cuts. Pixies were all the rage in 1968, popularized by models and film stars with names like Twiggy.

Mom had an ulterior motive (in addition to being “on trend”): in the winter, we were notoriously bad about brushing our long hair. With turtlenecks, scarves, winter coats and hats, we would develop huge snarled rat’s nests in our hair at the back. It would take hours and many tears for mom to untangle these globs of snarled hair. Pixies=problem solved!