Flashback Friday: House Proud


Yesterday’s post was all about learning to live with and embrace a little mess (or a lot, truthfully) in life. So I decided to show the flip side today: I can be every bit as house-proud as the next person! In this photo, my sister Chris and I show off our new room in the new house in Hastings, Minnesota. The whole house was pretty groovy, but we got to select the yellow and orange mixed shag carpet, which set the tone for the whole space. I’m not sure how we slept at night with the glow from all the yellow, but we somehow managed. And we loved it. (Gwen and Annie shared a two-tone pink room with a Holly Hobby theme; Matt and Jeff shared a patriotic red, white and blue room, decorated with Jeff’s model rockets). What can I say? It was the early 1970s and we were livin’ the dream!