Cool Sunday, Warm Bread

Last Sunday I tried a new recipe that I found here (be sure to take a look, so you can compare my results with the inspiration). It has been ages since I’ve baked bread of any kind, but this experiment reminded me why I love it. First, the most simple ingredients combine to make the most amazing food. Second, there is something about the smell of yeast bread baking in my house that just feels right (homey, inviting, tasty). Third, nothing feeds the soul like fresh bread. It is in our human DNA.

A number of years ago, my friend Allan told me he had a dream about me. He was in a city, and decided to enter a local bakery/coffee shop. Low and behold, the proprietor of the shop and head baker was…me! While I have never seriously entertained the idea of myself in that kind of career, Allan said something that I have kept as an internal goal: “Your place was so warm and inviting, you were like an Earth Mother type.” OK, so those of you who know me are scratching your heads right now, because I don’t really fit the image. When I have people over for dinner, for example, I am uptight and want everything to be perfect and hardly ever enjoy the company while I’m trying to get the food finished and on the table. But that doesn’t mean I can’t aspire to it!

Anyway, back to the bread. This recipe was easy, not at all time consuming (unless you count the abnormally lengthy rise-time of 10-24 hours, but that is what makes it so easy). I have not tried to figure out the nutritional value, but even though mine didn’t turn out perfect it gets a 10 of 10 for tasty. It calls for a very hot oven, and my oven cooks hot anyway, so the bottoms of my loaves were overdone before the bread was baked through. It was the perfect accompaniment to homemade soup even so.

My results: not perfect, but not too shabby

Today, I have the gift of another low-key Sunday. Cleaning and cooking are on my list of activities for the day – and by cooking, I mean another bread-baking day. And likely another pot of soup. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out!

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