Flashback Friday: Homecoming Weekend


Left to right: Jay Eccleston, Pam Sessa, me, Charlie Sturm

This weekend Clarke College, now University, will be celebrating Homecoming. As usual, I have no intention of attending the events. Since graduating in 1983, I’ve attended one weekend – and it was the stuff of a comedy movie. By brunch on Sunday morning, the only friend still speaking to me was Charlie, who was doing so simply because he needed someone to rehash my litany of embarrassing drunken faux pas with, and I was grateful to have someone seen interacting with me.

The fact that the number of college friends I still know is small doesn’t detract from my overall positive feelings about my college experience. Clarke was the best possible fit for me, and I will remain ever grateful that I fell into it. There isn’t one person I knew there I wouldn’t be glad to see today, especially if they would talk to me! So, to all you Clarkies out there – Happy Homecoming.