September 22, 2011

Remember last week, I said that I was having a hard time believing my scale? I meant it. So, in the interest of checking things out, I weighed myself on two other scales – at the Health Center on campus and at my gym. Last Thursday, both of those scales read 215 pounds. I nearly choked. But, it was clear that something was wrong with my scale at home – and even more clear that I needed to get myself in check. So, I have successfully managed to change the battery on my scale (hadn’t really occurred to me that it used one, I’d assumed it was magic). I have tested it against the other scales available to me. While they don’t all have the exact same reading, they are now within a pound of each other and I feel comfortable with today’s weigh in. Except that it is not really a weight I am proud of, representing as it does a bout of negativity and stress-related eating. I can beat myself up about it, or I can let it go and move on. So, onward and downward!

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