Summer in a Pie Shell

I made this delicious pie for dinner on Sunday. It serves eight, so I had plenty left to share with coworkers for lunch on Monday. We had a lunch picnic on the conference table in my office, celebrating the tastes of summer despite the fact that our fall is in full swing as we prepare for the new crop of residential students!

I made this recipe for the first time last summer when I had a house full of hungry family. I followed the original recipe (thyme, tomatoes, corn, etc.) exactly then. It was delicious. But I have to say, I liked it better this time, with a few modifications.

First, I used a frozen piecrust. Much easier, and still tasty. Instead of thyme, I had fresh basil which I cut into ribbons and added liberally in place of thyme. The recipe called for 1 cup of fresh corn kernels. The first ear produced less than one cup, and the second ear was huge. I ended up with about 1 3/4 cup of corn, and added it all. I had farm grown, fresh-picked red and orange tomatoes, and alternated them in the recipe. I also threw in a little fresh mozzarella I had left from a tomato-basil pizza (in addition to the cheddar called for in the recipe). With all of the fresh corn, there was an added silkiness to the custard, and it took about fifteen minutes longer to bake – whether that was the juicy corn and tomatoes or my oven, who cares? The wait just intensified my hunger.

The first forkful was like taking a bite out of the best of summer. Yum. So glad I revisited this one!

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