Do Overs.

Remember when you were a kid and sucked at something, like maybe serving the ball over the net in volleyball? When you were unsuccessful at what you were doing (and the ball snagged in the net instead of sailing over it), you would yell, “Do over!”, and by golly, you got to do it over. Sometimes, you even managed success the second time around.

As adults, do-overs are pretty much non-existent. We get this moment, and if we flub it, we live with the consequences.

For a long time, this fact held me in a tight grip of fear. I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t still, sometimes, hold me back. But then I began to realize something – my best growth experiences, my proudest moments, even my best stories tend to come out of those terrible moments I wished vehemently for a do-over. My mistakes, my wrong decisions, my open-mouth-insert-foot moments are often the very ones which propel me further in the right direction.

A few weeks ago, I happened to come upon the video of a TED talk about being wrong which I found to be really affirming of this truth! Please take a few minutes and watch it – you might find yourself appreciating the growth potential of being wrong!

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