TMI Tuesday

At the request of friends, Triple-Word Tuesday has, for one week only, been supplanted by “Too Much Information” Tuesday. I’m not sure why I agreed to this, but I did, so here goes:

  • Other peoples’ laundry always smells better than mine. I don’t know what she uses, but when I enter my friend Wendy’s house while laundry is being done, it smells heavenly. Recently a friend who bought a new bed gave me a set of sheets that didn’t fit the new mattress. I put them on my bed the other night and they smelled so good, I finally had to ask what laundry detergent was used. Gain Original Fresh Scent, in case you were wondering!
  • The vast majority of adult Americans do or have peed in the shower. This is a fact which, when I first heard it reported as part of a national lifestyle survey, shocked me. After discussing it with several groups over the intervening time, I am no longer shocked that so many people do it – now I’m trying to recover from the surprise at how many people freely admit to it.
  • When we were kids, I had a crush on David Cassidy and my sister had a crush on Danny Bonaduce. I believe time has shown which of us displayed better judgement.
  • One day in eighth grade I had gym class and a terribly gassy stomach. The result: noisy calisthenics. So epic was the experience, that it made the school newspaper’s “Remember When…” column at the end of the year. Very embarrassing. Now, I know better than to let such things derail my workouts. Farts happen. Accept and move on.
  • Oprah is my celebrity hero. Speaking of accepting and moving on, the end of the Oprah Show is fast approaching. I know, for some it is a strange or silly phenomenon that people are actually mourning the loss of the show. But for many, Oprah’s show (and Oprah herself) has represented something greater than the average television show: the encouragement to attempt to live your best life, and a parade of people to hold up as examples and role models in this. Some have found the courage to make real change in their own lives as a result. This has become more profoundly clear to me as word has gotten out that I HAVE A TICKET TO THE OPRAH TRIBUTE SHOW next week! Women I hardly know have been sharing their stories with me, and my excitement about attending the taping next week has been tempered by their moving tributes to Oprah. I’m pretty sure I’ll get choked up during the taping of the show, which is intended to be a surprise “Thank You” to Oprah. I’m really happy I get to be there. Thanks to my sister Annie for getting me the hook-up!
Well, that concludes this special edition of TMI Tuesday. I am sure we will all breathe a sigh of relief when Triple Word Tuesday returns next week!

2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday

  1. Jen, I happened to enjoy TMI Tuesday! I chuckled out loud a couple of times, so I thought I would post a comment or two. : )
    * I think other people’s laundry always smells better than mine is because I didn’t have to do it. : )
    * I had a crush on Shaun Cassidy….hmmmm…
    * I have attended a taping of the Oprah show with a van load of friends. It was a “van” load of fun!

    Have a great day!

  2. I kind of like TMI Tuesday. My turn:
    * Not only does Gain Original Fresh Scent smell amazing, it is cheaper than most other brands. Oh, and unlike Tammy, I like doing laundry.
    * Urine is sterile.
    * Laurie Partridge. Enough said.

    I’ll refrain from commenting on farts and Oprah.

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