Flashback Friday

Hanson Family Portrait circa 1970

Front row: Anne, Jeff, Gwen, Jeni, Chris

Back row: Jackson, Matt, Shirley

One of the reasons that I love this photo is it illustrates what the following statement really means:  6 kids in 9 years. Chris was born in June 1960 and Matt in July 1969. My mother was alone with the six of us much of the time, and I can only say (with the benefit of hindsight) how grateful I am not only for everything she DID, but also for all the things she didn’t do — like lose her sanity (held on with her fingernails a few times!), take up child abuse, put us up for adoption when we got mouthy…

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who taught my siblings, by example, how to be such great parents!

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