Triple Word Tuesday

Connect the Dots…


(I know it is triple word Tuesday, but I just have to say a few more words: commencement speeches are wasted on people who are graduating. This speech is worth the time to really listen, and is not boring or too much of a lecture!)

4 thoughts on “Triple Word Tuesday

  1. The technical difficulties I am experiencing prevent me from watching. Actually, I can watch, I just can’t hear. Despite my attempts to free my “temporary” computer from the grips of Big Brother Bank, I am unable to upgrade my browser, hence I remain enslaved in their clutches. Sigh…

    1. Sorry to hear that! In my line of work, I’ve listened to more than your average number of commencement speakers, and this was one of the best. It is inspiring on several levels, and chock full of nuggets of wisdom. Luckily, it’ll be on youtube for a long time, so you may yet get a chance.

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