Pasta with (Black) Kale, Caramelized Onions, and Parsnips

The thing about living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is that there are three choices for grocery shopping and they are all supermarkets (and the three includes WalMart and Target). No Whole Foods. No Trader Joe’s. No local cooperative (unless you drive to Iowa City). Therefore, like many things readily available in other markets, there is no black kale to be had in this town, unless one grows it oneself. Luckily, this recipe is delicious with regular kale!

This is parsnip week at my house, so there will be parsnip and apple soup later in the week. I had never cooked with parsnips as a featured item before making this pasta. I discovered that, like carrots, cooking brings out their sweetness. I also learned that they should cook somewhat longer than the recipe suggests, unless you want them to be crunchy rather than crisp.  If you use this recipe, I recommend not skimping on the seasonings or it tends to be on the bland side. As always, find the full recipe on the recipe tab, above.

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