Dear Friend:

I’m just writing to say that I am totally digging citrus fruit this week. Especially oranges and grapefruit. I like their heft in my hand, their textured peels, the sweet smell of sunshine that explodes into a stale room when you open one.

I’m just writing to say that I truly know my Scandinavian blood this time of year. How it sings its melancholy songs in my ear unless I go outside and move, fast, in the arctic air. Then all I can hear is the crunch of my boots and the warm blood pumping through my body.

I’m just writing to say…

…that I still love working with students, their energy and brightness. Three of them improvised in my front yard when the snow wouldn’t pack for them.  Their hugs and their laughter kindled a flame in the cold. (I’m enclosing a photo)

…that in January, happy thoughts – not just those sad ones that sometimes pop into my head – can as easily bring me to tears as to laughter.  Its a toss of the dice every time, to see which it will be.

…that the long winter nights are too quiet.

…that I’m thinking of you and wish you were here for the sharing of citrus and laughter and brisk walks. And to fill the silence with our endless talking.

I guess I’m just writing to say…I miss you.

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