February 25, 2010

25 02 2010

SNC00089.jpg, originally uploaded by jhnsn728.




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25 02 2010

Hi Jeni! Congrats!!! I applaud the new number — AND I pledge a dollar for every pound you lose! Let me know what I do next. You are an inspiration for me!

26 02 2010

Hi, Annette!

Thanks so much for your support and your pledge! I’m still figuring out the best way to handle pledges when the challenge is finished on Easter — I’ll be sure to put the info on the blog. Also, there is a list of sponsors in the sidebar of my blog — I’d like to add your name there, if that is alright with you.

I generally send an email notice to sponsors when I’ve updated the blog or posted anything new. If you don’t want to receive those reminders, just let me know. Otherwise, expect them somewhat regularly!

Again, thanks for your kindness!


25 02 2010
Chris in NM

Woo hoo Jen! The pounds keep coming! I’m very proud of you! Love,

25 02 2010
Sara Kohl

Great week JEN!!!! I don’t know if I am more impressed by the number or the fact that you are a workout machine! Awesome!!!

26 02 2010
Rhonda Martin

WOW 3 pounds way to get after it!!!!!!

27 02 2010

Great work this week!

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