Catherine McAuley Center

This week’s organization is one which I know personally and have been involved with in the Cedar Rapids community.  The Catherine McAuley Center, affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy, serves two critical needs in this community — adult continuing education and transitional housing for women. I have seen first-hand the care and dedication of the staff and volunteers, and have witnessed their commitment to addressing the holistic needs of those who come to the Center for assistance.

The adult education program provides assistance in preparing for the GED test, citizenship preparation,  English as a Second Language (ESL) or improve basic math and language skills. Tutorials are also available in basic keyboarding and computer skills. The Center offers specialized banking and citizenship classes throughout the year. The Center’s immigrant/refugee coordinator provides ESL instruction and case management services to help New Iowans make a smooth transition into the community.

When women enter the transitional housing program, their need is for the basics:  food, clothing, safe shelter.  The center accepts both financial and in-kind donations (food, toiletries, staples).  The transitional housing program provides counseling services, educational assistance, and basic skills so that the women leave the program with new life skills.

You can check out the Catherine McAuley Center at

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